Happy Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter Presidents’ Day

While watching the Super Bowl earlier this month I couldn’t help but think how great it was that the Super Bowl is still the Super Bowl (presented by Chevrolet) and not the Chevrolet Super Bowl.

To me it’s really disappointing to see the College Bowl games take on the name of their title sponsor, e.g. Chick-fil-A Bowl. To me the Peach Bowl said tradition, the Chick-fil-A Bowl says “Eat Mor Chikin.” I know a lot of money exchanged hands for the naming rights, which somehow got me to thinking about out National Debt.

What would happen if we were to sale naming rights of our Holidays to raise needed money to get out of debt and to create a little more operating budget for the feds to work with.

Could you imagine celebrating:

  • Trojan St. Valentine’s Day
  • Guinness St. Patrick’s Day
  • T.G.I.Friday’s Good Friday
  • Cadbury Easter
  • 1-800-Flowers Mothers’ Day or
  • Harrah’s Columbus Day?

While I really wouldn’t support such an effort, it was fun to try to think of title sponsors for holidays. Notice I didn’t touch Christmas…cough, cough; because a Wal-Mart Chirstmas just sounds wrong on so many levels.

Neil young – This Note’s For You by ivaxavi