The Restart

‘Cause I didn’t know I needed you so
And letting you go was wrong
And baby, I know you got your radio on
So this is my “my bad, come back” song

RestartThere are many times in life when you have to start over.  Like with this blog, an upgrade to WordPress 3.2 caused me to lose what there was a half dozen post I had made over the past couple of years.  So here I am again, making an effort to put something worthwhile out there on the interwebs for someone other than myself to see and maybe, just maybe, take something away…like the writer of this blog is an idiot.

But I’m doing more than just “Restarting” my blog, I’m taking a fresh new look at life.  I’ve started a fairly regular routine of exercising, taking a stab of delegating some things at work, and giving up cable for broadcast TV. Also I’m looking at some of the interest I have and figuring out how I may be able to pursue them both on a recreational level and professional level.

A restart periodically throughout life is good and there are times I can’t help but wonder why Google didn’t incorporate a restart in their shutdown options on the Android OS.  I’ve heard, “It doesn’t need it,” but I beg to differ.  There have been many apps that I have downloaded installed and opened to see no change until I powered off and powered back on my phone….sometimes days after the update.  The app didn’t say it needed it to restart for the new features to take affect but that’s exactly what it needed.  Maybe Google is afraid their mobile operating system would give people flashbacks to running Windows 98, when a restart seemed necessary for every change you made.